Welcome! This web-based educational tool is designed for health care professionals to provide an integrated patient focused care plan for breast cancer survivors. Care plan is patient centered and individualized for each survivor as the needs may vary in each case. There are three phases from the time of diagnosis of breast cancer such as: Acute Phase at the time of diagnosis and treatments such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy and radiation treatments. Transition phase: At completion of chemotherapy and radiation treatments and patients are followed by the primary care physicians. Surveillance Phase: after completion of treatment and back to regular routine.  From the time of diagnosis of breast cancer assessments will be based on the quality of life model and overall wellness. Treatment care plan will be given to each patient prior to starting the treatment to improve communication between the survivor and the health care professionals. A survivorship care plan at completion to improve communication between the oncology team and the primary care physicians and to involve patients in their care a patient centered standardized follow up care plan will emphasize on all aspects of well being such as physical, emotional, psychosocial and spiritual. Physical assessment and tests will vary according to the stage of breast cancer. A checklist for check ups of breast cancer survivors is to assess overall quality of life and wellness and to provide coordinated integrated and comprehensive care throughout the continuum after the diagnosis of breast cancer.